G-Rate expectations – Rising inflation, interest rates, mortgage pricing

No time to read? Listen to the podcast or Watch the video This week we look at how rising inflation is changing rate expectations of where interest rates may go this year, and what knock-on impact that will have on mortgage pricing. Inflation in the UK hit 5.4% at the highest level since 1992 which […]

The upsides of inflation with rising GDP and mortgage rates

No time to read? Listen to the podcast or Watch the video This week we’re going to talk through a little bit about the upsides of inflation, and why inflation decreases costs in real terms, one of my favourite economics terms. Before we get into that, if you’ve seen the news cycle so far into […]

Discounted mortgage rates be cautious

No time to read? Listen to the podcast or watch the video Before I discuss discounted mortgage rates, LIBOR and SONIA, a bit about resolutions… For many of us, it’s been the first week back in the office after the new year. That rare time of year when you can actually see the bottom of […]

What the financial, property & mortgage themes of 2021 mean for 2022

Well, what a year that was… financial, property & mortgage themes of 2021. I could talk for hours about events of this year, and if you are after a very funny and yet scathing review of the year Frankie Boyle’s New World Order would be a great place to look. Granted he is not everyone’s cup of […]

Bank of England Raises Interest Rates to 0.25%

Despite conflicting data, the Bank of England raises interest rates to 0.25% deciding to raise its benchmark interest rate from 0.1% to 0.25% With inflation hitting 5.1% yesterday, Unemployment falling, and a booming housing market where growth is running at 10% annually (according to Nationwide Building Society) there is certainly a lot of heat in […]

Flattening economic data and the mortgage market

Before I discuss the flattening economic data… I have mainly been lying in a dark room today, recovering from what is akin to PTSD after my daughter’s birthday parties yesterday… After the last few years, we thought it would be a great idea to throw a joint party for my daughters who are turning 5 […]

Tensions in the housing market

Much like the wider tension we are seeing in society more generally, there are some specific tensions in the housing market. These centre around some long-standing themes that have come sharply into focus in the last week or so. I’m slowly recovering from a rare Saturday night out – out, watching Pete Tong & The […]

Mortgage Lending Innovation

In our mortgage world it has been a very interesting week, with new mortgage lending innovation, doing huge levels of business, and general all-round positivity, so on that note, you may find some of the below of interest. While much of the new schemes mentioned below are aimed at first-time movers/borrowers, they are the lifeblood […]

Big hits in the mortgage world

We’ve seen some big hits in the mortgage world this week so here’s an update from your favourite London Mortgage Broker. Booming Numbers Last week saw some really big numbers so I felt it was worth exploring that in more detail: Average House Prices Rise 11.8% Figures from the ONS and Land Registry confirmed that the […]

Rise in interest rates expected

I have been quite flattered of late as I have been approached by several journalists and news outlets for commentary around the expected rise in interest rates. I have selected a few of the more interesting snippets below: This recent article in Bloomberg picked up a theme we have been talking about for some time, in that […]