Social Responsibility

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At the heart of Rose Capital’s values is the financial wellbeing of our clients.

We recognise that financial stability engenders prosperity

  • for the individual
  • for the family
  • for the community

We work with our clients to promote good financial management principles that underpin financial health.

Expert mortgage advice can have a considerable positive impact on a household’s financial situation, through improved mortgage arrangements, and competitive interest rates.

In addition, we support clients throughout the lifetime of their mortgage to manage the mortgage down and in due course become mortgage free.

But it’s not simply through our business activities and client support that we seek to make a difference.

We recognise that in many other parts of the world the absence of the means to earn money leads to poverty and deprivation.

That’s why we support Hand in Hand International.

Why Hand in Hand International

  • Fights poverty with jobs
  • Equips women with power to manage money and start businesses
  • Enables financially strong families

This directly connects Rose Capital’s values to the work done by Hand in Hand as we too believe that financial empowerment can be a force for good.

Hand in Hand works with women to develop micro-enterprises, increase income to withstand financial shocks and enable women to become decision-makers.

Empowering women entrepreneurs is a process – centred on business, vocational and life skills training – that helps women take control of their finances and speak up and be heard in the home. Ultimately, it’s not just about money but power, and making sure women have more of both – to seize their own destinies, make themselves heard and raise the next generation out of poverty.

How we help

Rose Capital contributes to Hand in Hand through organised and sponsored fund raising events.

How to get involved

If there is a fundraising event you would like to be involved with please contact us, we would be delighted to have you with us, or you can simply donate.