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PLEASE NOTE – Rose Capital Partners are in the process of merging with Heron Financial, therefore it will be best for Heron to pick up your enquiry from here. Please do use the link here to book in with the team but if you have any concerns, please call us on 020 7935 7866 or contact info@rosecp.co.uk 

Dedicated mortgage support that employers and professional partners can depend on

Rose Capital Partners has many years of experience dealing with both firms as part of their wellness program, and also in partnership with their clients, hence ‘partners’ in our name!

So whether you are looking to integrate our free service into your company, or build a business relationship with your clients, we are very happy to help, and this is how we can do so:

Employers and Staff

Partner with us

Free mortgage advice & financial wellbeing education in your workplace

Working in partnership with Rose Capital will enable you to provide a valuable additional unrivaled employee benefit to your workforce at no cost to you.

We can support your staff by providing mortgage advice and financial wellbeing education in your workplace through one-to-one guidance, seminars, workshops, and Masterclasses.

We work with employers to help maintain employees’ financial health and prevent wasted time, money, and hassle on the mortgage and remortgage process.

Professional Intermediaries

Partner with us

Working in partnership: your professional knowledge, our mortgage expertise

Working in partnership with Rose Capital will enable you to broaden your client offering and provide a valuable additional benefit to your clients at no cost to you.

We can support your clients by ensuring a successful mortgage application and often a better mortgage deal which can save thousands of pounds over the life of their mortgage.

We work with a range of introducers including individual IFAs, accountants, and Estate Agents offering an incentive for referred clients.