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Here at Rose Capital Partners, we were created early 2014, with the vision of having a positive impact on the lives of everyone that comes into contact with us.

We have defined our purpose as a business, into two core beliefs:

  • We aim to get all of our clients Mortgage free as soon as possible
  • We understand the role of your finances in your overall wellbeing

In this modern world, being mortgage-free seems to get kicked into the long grass or not achieved at all.

As we often say with regard to our own goals “life gets in the way”, so if a new car is needed, holidays, school/nursery costs etc mount up, and so can debts.

We are seeing an increase in instances where people are consolidating these debts into their mortgages.

While this may keep costs down, it also erodes your equity. This may be a good solution for some, but it should not be a default setting. We strongly view our role as your trusted adviser from when you first take a mortgage with us, to the point at which you will become entirely mortgage free.

This may well take 20, 30 or even 40 years, but we want to be with you all the way and ensure you do meet these goals, retire mortgage free, with peace of mind.

Having your finances in order gives you peace of mind, if you see your mortgage payments rise or debts increase, it’s only natural that people will become stressed or anxious.

Our view is that your financial health is like your physical health, or indeed mental health. All 3 are interlinked. All 3 require regular attention.

Keeping your finances in order is just such a massive part of that dynamic and knowing you are in safe hands with someone who truly cares about getting you mortgage free can only be a good thing.

Rose Capital Partners are here for you and one of our advisers will gladly be able to assist.