Broker only mortgage deals

Before I talk about broker-only mortgage deals, some news on our fundraising. While many of you were tucked up snuggly in bed this morning, 4 of us ran the Vitality Half Marathon across London. Very well done for Nick Plappert getting the fastest time of 1:43. I managed a personal PB of 1:51 and Paul […]

Why should I pay to arrange a mortgage?

It’s a very logical question to ask – why should I pay to arrange a mortgage? – when there are so many readily available resources these days. You have the Meerkats comparing most things, as do many websites and newspapers, you have brokers that work for free, or you can of course do the leg […]

What characterises a Trusted Advisor?

The words ‘trusted advisor’ are often banded around on business courses or seminars, but what does it really mean? This is a topic our Managing Director, Richard Campo feels very passionate about, and so wanted to share some of his thoughts. Richard Says: I’ve been working financial services my whole career, specifically focusing on mortgages. […]

What value does a mortgage broker add?

When considering what value a mortgage broker adds, the simplest conclusion you may draw is that they find the best mortgage deal? If it were that simple, you wouldn’t need mortgage brokers and would be content with the cute little Meerkats or the guy with the dodgy tash. The reality is that it’s is more […]

Improve how mortgage applications are processed

This article from MortgageSolutions asks mortgage intermediaries for suggestions on how to improve how mortgage applications are processed. “Lenders are more than happy to boast of all the ways they have listened to broker feedback to improve and develop how mortgage applications are processed. However, with everyone working in different ways and so many systems […]