How to improve your purchase offer

Here we look at specific things you can do to improve your purchase offer from a seller’s /Agent’s perspective and it could be the difference between being successful or not in your proposed purchase. With the housing market heating up, and no signs of that cooling in 2021 due to the amount of stimulus in […]

House prices up, up and away?

Since lockdown 1.0 ended, there has been a surge in house purchase activity, the like of which we haven’t seen since 2007. House prices are up, up and away! So is this just a reaction to pent up demand? Will this trend continue? What impact have mortgages had on this? We look at all these […]

Small Mortgage Deposit Deals Are Back!

The big news of the week was Halifax making a return to lending at 90%, which now means they welcome back buyers with a 10% deposit. So small mortgage deposit deals are back! Since the onset of Covid, the smaller deposit market has really taken a battering, which always hits First Time Buyers hardest, but […]

Moving home? What you need to know

With so much emphasis on people moving home, or looking to buy for the first time, due to the Stamp Duty holiday, we thought it was timely to pull together some recent blogs we have written that will show you a lot more on what you need to know if you are looking at moving […]

New exclusive lender access | house prices | spending review

We are very excited by going live today with exclusive lender access to a new underwriting team. Their only mandate is to sign off “common sense lending!”. There is no underwriting policy, no formal affordability rules or hoops to jump through, just good old-fashioned underwriting. That really is a rare thing these days and to […]

Running out of time for your house purchase?

It seems frightening to me that in late November, we are starting to run out of time to use the Stamp Duty holiday that ends on 31st March 2021 for your house purchase, but that is a reality at present. With the challenges of lenders delaying applications, most surveyors in semi lockdown, solicitors being overrun […]

How to take advantage of the Stamp Duty Holiday

It seems frightening to even be talking about this, but if you intend to take advantage of the current Stamp Duty Holiday and require a mortgage, you need to be acting now! Lender delays, a clogged up legal system, lockdown 2.0, a backlog of valuations and legal searches is a recipe for delays that will […]

Do mortgage valuations have a powerful role?

Quite a timely issue to look at is that of Mortgage Valuations and their role in the overall mortgage process. This is a very large and complex in its own right, so for simplicity sake, we are just going to look at a few key themes and issues.  it is also important to understand that […]

With Lockdown 2 can I move home?

Here we go, the seemingly inevitable ‘second wave’, which has led to a semi lockdown from the 5th November (thank God there is childcare/schooling this time…). Rather than setting off fireworks, it has dampened things down considerably, but we have been here before and for that reason, the broker community is well placed to help […]

PM’s plan for low deposit mortgage scheme | Mortgage Solutions

Our Managing Director Richard Campo’s comments have been used in Mortgage Solutions’ article on the complex issue of the low deposit mortgage. An extract from the Mortgage Solutions article by Samantha Partington Boris Johnson’s plan to encourage a wave of 95 per cent mortgage lending to help young people on to the housing ladder has been met with a mixed […]