Whirlwind week in the mortgage and property world

I hope everyone has recovered from the jubilation of Saturday night! I have 2 daughters, and I had to explain to my elder one, who is 8, that it isn’t normally like this! She has grown up at a time of the England football team getting to the Semi’s of the last 2 major tournaments […]

Deadline day for UK Property market

The bi-annual football transfer windows always make for interesting viewing, especially the ‘Deadline day’ action. For once in the mortgage broker world, we have had something equally exciting in the UK Property market. With the Chancellor announcing the extension of the Stamp Duty holiday in March to the end of June, that created our very […]

Now is a time you need a good mortgage broker on your side

I can imagine that most people put aside their search for a good mortgage broker and spent the weekend dashing to the coast, having BBQ’s, toasting them themselves in the sun or watching the Football. Or maybe all of the above! The glorious weather really does take the edge off the mess that is foreign […]

Market rates flat with complex mortgage landscape

I am back from a lovely week off, refreshed, tanned and even with a proper haircut (the longer hair thing just wasn’t working for me…) I rolled the dice and booked a holiday by the seaside for half term with the international travel situation being such a mess at the moment. Thankfully the weather was […]

Beating the Stamp Duty holiday deadline

With the extended Stamp Duty holiday deadline fast approaching, if you want to benefit from the large discount on offer until 30th June (no Stamp Duty to pay for the first £500k of the property value, which equals a £15k discount on properties valued £500k +), you will need to move quickly. There is a […]

95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

In the budget last week, the most interesting thing to come out of it from a mortgage perspective was the “95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme” which is set to launch in April. The aim is to help people buy a property if you have a 5% deposit, but it will also benefit everyone who has between […]

Budget 2021 response and mortgage impact

Chancellor Rishi Sunak, put in a very vote friendly Budget 2021 this week. Extending many Government grants, support and lifelines, while being a very property focused. His balanced tone and measured responses, are very refreshing in the face of a generally chaotic political scene in recent years. As ever, we look specifically at what will […]

Budget 2021 predictions for the mortgage market

As we are now just a week away to schools starting again, and a mere 112 days until the pubs fully reopen (not that I am counting…), there is very clear light at the end of the tunnel now, and so here we offer some Budget 2021 predictions. We have what could be a pivotal […]

Stamp Duty and negative interest rate debates

The great Stamp Duty and negative interest rate debates. As we enter lockdown week #whatever, you may start to feel that your meetings resemble that of the now infamous Handforth Parish Council, but some welcome relief has come in a dusting of snow and not having to handle the usual commute/inevitable transport breakdown that normally ensues. There […]

How to get a mortgage in Lockdown

With England going into lockdown until at least the 15th February, we wanted to update you on how we can get you a mortgage in Lockdown as the property market still remains open throughout this period. If you are looking to move, or need to refinance, there is no need for you to miss out, […]