Stamp Duty and negative interest rate debates

The great Stamp Duty and negative interest rate debates. As we enter lockdown week #whatever, you may start to feel that your meetings resemble that of the now infamous Handforth Parish Council, but some welcome relief has come in a dusting of snow and not having to handle the usual commute/inevitable transport breakdown that normally ensues. There […]

What a start to 2021 from a mortgage perspective

As if you thought the world couldn’t get any stranger (from a mortgage perspective or otherwise), I understand that the chemically fuelled, Maraca shaking, Bez of Happy Monday’s fame is to start a ‘Joe Wicks’ style fitness class during lockdown… If anything summed up the state of play right now, that’s it is right there… While many of […]

The Great Rate Debate | Negative interest rates?

A debate that has been gaining momentum over the last few weeks is whether the UK will enter into a period of negative interest rates or not – the Great Rate Debate. Negative interest rates? Comments made by Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, in April seemed to rule out the Bank of […]