The importance of protecting your income with a mortgage

Why is protecting your income so important? It’s really very simple, no income, no mortgage.   So it is no surprise that once the mortgage is attained, any financial advisor with any competence will then turn to protecting your hard earned income. This is where this area is filled with cheesy metaphors but they are […]

The role of Life Insurance with a mortgage

When you first come to get a mortgage, very rarely does it cross your mind – what happens to the mortgage if I die – life insurance with a mortgage is furthest from your mind. You are rightfully focused on all the logistical things you need to consider, and the fun aspects of picking out […]

What Impacts will COVID-19 have on Insurance?

As mortgages look set to get cheaper, it appears it could be the opposite in the protection market, as the more people claim, and the more money insurers pay out, the higher premiums will become. So what Impacts will COVID-19 have on Insurance? We have looked into what the providers are currently doing, and what […]