Conflicting property market data

There was a huge amount of relevant property market data released last week, so we’ll dive straight into that (which is good, as I have no time to focus on my hair, which is about a week away from needing an Alice band…): Inflation The ONS (Office for National Statistics) released figures on Wednesday which […]

Preparing Your Property Offer (and market data)

Market Update – We are fortunate enough to work with some of the top agents in London (and let’s face it, Agency is a mixed bag! Hence why we only work with the good guys) so we get a lot of market data and anecdotal info on how the market is going. I sat in on […]

Mortgage Market Update

Market Update – You would have been living under a rock if you haven’t been caught up a debate that starts with the letter B this week. I have remained relatively tight lipped on the subject to date, mainly as I am not a political commentator or indeed, even a financial market analyst. However, it […]