What the financial, property & mortgage themes of 2021 mean for 2022

Well, what a year that was… financial, property & mortgage themes of 2021. I could talk for hours about events of this year, and if you are after a very funny and yet scathing review of the year Frankie Boyle’s New World Order would be a great place to look. Granted he is not everyone’s cup of […]

Tensions in the housing market

Much like the wider tension we are seeing in society more generally, there are some specific tensions in the housing market. These centre around some long-standing themes that have come sharply into focus in the last week or so. I’m slowly recovering from a rare Saturday night out – out, watching Pete Tong & The […]

Mortgage Lending Above Pre-Covid Levels

For anyone who sat in a queue for fuel this week, you probably had time to reflect that this country really isn’t functioning at an optimal level at present, to say the least… Luckily for me, I am one of those smug electric car drivers, but it has been quite surreal seeing huge lines outside […]

The property market, Yin to mortgage lending Yang

Another week in the property market, and another release of a record low mortgage rate! This time, Platform (the broker lending arm of the Co-Op Bank) has steamed in with a 0.79% 2 year fixed rate! So the mortgage rate war wages on unabated, despite recent movements upwards in money markets… So I have given […]

Why use a mortgage broker?

I’m often asked why use a mortgage broker when I can go online or talk to my bank? In this week’s blog, I explain why a good mortgage adviser is more than simply finding the best mortgage for you. It was very nice having a few days of late summer last week. Even more so, […]

Mortgages with smaller deposits, mortgage rates and larger loans

This week I discuss mortgages with smaller deposits, mortgage rates hitting new lows, and larger loans available from mainstream lenders. For most of us with children, this is the first full week back with a semblance of normality! For those without children, a great chance to get away without being surrounded by kids and not […]

Mortgage rate rises and rent increases?

Like many of you I suspect, I have spent the weekend in the garden (or anywhere outdoors!) enjoying the fabulous weather rather than thinking about mortgage rate rises. I suspect it will be a Monday morning of a fair few people being a bit sunburnt, or a bit hungover, or both! This is how we […]

Inflation rate and ‘best’ mortgage rates

This week the inflation rate in the UK went to 2.5%. This is extremely relevant in the mortgage world as there tends to be a direct relationship between inflation, the Bank of England base rate, and therefore the best mortgage rates on offer. So this is a good time to look at that classic relationship, […]

Now is a time you need a good mortgage broker on your side

I can imagine that most people put aside their search for a good mortgage broker and spent the weekend dashing to the coast, having BBQ’s, toasting them themselves in the sun or watching the Football. Or maybe all of the above! The glorious weather really does take the edge off the mess that is foreign […]

The end of lockdown and the mortgage market

That’s it, we are here, the end of lockdown? The ability to be waxed, dyed and trimmed as needed!? Draft beer back on the menu? Let’s really hope it is that way for good now and the Great British weather plays ball while most of this will all be outdoors for a while. We can […]