The Psychology of Money | Winston’s Words of Wisdom

Well, here we go again, house bound for the foreseeable. If I am honest, I quite like it. It’s nice having everyone at home and our morning run is now never missed out whatever the weather! So it’s not so bad as it may first seem. That leads me nicely to a book I have been […]

Unshakeable | Winston’s Words of Wisdom

Another week flies by and another week of quite chaotic news and economic activity. It’s hard to know which way to turn sometimes, but being a dog, I simplify things. The highlight of my day is often chasing Squirrels out of the garden, or playing with other dogs round in park. But when I am […]

Rich Dad Poor Dad | Winston’s Words of Wisdom

I overheard Richard watching some YouTube videos of Robert Kiyosaki the other night, and I must admit, I like his style! So much so that I looked up his seminal book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. I won’t spoil the read for you, but it is a really interesting look at your values around money, work, […]

The Role of Wills with Mortgages, and why we provide Free Will

Why do we provide our clients with a free Will? At a time when we are experiencing a global pandemic, it could be perceived as crass or insensitive to talk about the role of Wills when arranging a mortgage. That is absolutely not our intention and due respect will be paid to the subject matter. […]

Winston’s Words of Wisdom | Principles by Ray Dalio

Winston, the very well read Office Dog, shares some thoughts on his favourite reads, this week Principles by Ray Dalio. In a week of such Market Turmoil, there could not be more of an apt read right now. Being a Dog, I don’t have a huge amount to worry about, so if I am honest […]

Winston’s Words of Wisdom | Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph

Winston, the very well read Office Dog, shares some thoughts on his favourite reads, Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph. You may call me biased for this choice of book of the week, but it is a cracker. I often hear Richard reading this to the kids before bedtime. I always makes sure I curl […]

Winston’s Words of Wisdom | The Richest Man in Babylon

In a new series, we are introducing Winston, the very well read office dog and his book choice The Richest Man in Babylon. Winston loves nothing better than curling up with a good book and sharing the lessons he has learned. He recently read ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ by George S Clason and wanted […]