The end of lockdown and the mortgage market

That’s it, we are here, the end of lockdown? The ability to be waxed, dyed and trimmed as needed!? Draft beer back on the menu? Let’s really hope it is that way for good now and the Great British weather plays ball while most of this will all be outdoors for a while. We can […]

Bounce back in the property world

If your weekend was anything like mine, you had the very strange experience of sunbathing on Easter Sunday, only to see snow on Monday! God bless the British weather… Today’s Government press briefing didn’t tell us much we didn’t know. It is great the vaccine roll out is going so well and the staged re-opening […]

Large Mortgage Loan | £1m+ Loans

A large mortgage loan tends to be defined as one which is £1million or over. At this level of borrowing there are a number of, sometimes more complex, factors to take into consideration when seeking a large mortgage. Lenders may set maximum borrowing which doesn’t meet your requirements as your income sources may be more […]

5% mortgage deposit deals are back

Lenders re-introduce mortgages for home movers, who only need to put in a 5% mortgage deposit. Tuesday marks one year since the first official lockdown and roughly about the same time since I last had a decent haircut. In fact my hair is so long at present I tied it in a ‘top knot’ (as […]

How to improve your purchase offer

Here we look at specific things you can do to improve your purchase offer from a seller’s /Agent’s perspective and it could be the difference between being successful or not in your proposed purchase. With the housing market heating up, and no signs of that cooling in 2021 due to the amount of stimulus in […]

40 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

As we start to ebb out of lockdown with schools re-opening, making bookings for pub gardens from the 12th April (and willing to sit outside no matter the weather) and with the very brave of us booking holidays for later in the year 🤞, things are starting to feel a little more ‘normal’, plus a […]

95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

In the budget last week, the most interesting thing to come out of it from a mortgage perspective was the “95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme” which is set to launch in April. The aim is to help people buy a property if you have a 5% deposit, but it will also benefit everyone who has between […]

Mortgage market key developments

As I will shortly be getting daughter ready to go to school for the first time in months, I am equally happy that she gets to learn in the right environment with her friends (and I can concentrate more fully on my work! in readiness for the mortgage market key developments). But equally sad to […]

Budget 2021 predictions for the mortgage market

As we are now just a week away to schools starting again, and a mere 112 days until the pubs fully reopen (not that I am counting…), there is very clear light at the end of the tunnel now, and so here we offer some Budget 2021 predictions. We have what could be a pivotal […]

How do I get the ‘best mortgage rate’?

What constitutes the ‘best mortgage rate’ is quite a contentious point. To some it will simply be lowest rate on offer, to others the cheapest over the initial product period when you factor in all fees, and to some, the most suitable with their life plans. As you can see, there is no clear answer […]