Mortgage Lenders Loosen Purse Strings

BoE Holds Interest Rates Last week, the MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) of the Bank of England met and decided unanimously to hold rates at the historic low of 0.1%. There was no surprise in that decision as they have been very clear on the direction of travel – that despite inflation being above the 2% […]

Now is a time you need a good mortgage broker on your side

I can imagine that most people put aside their search for a good mortgage broker and spent the weekend dashing to the coast, having BBQ’s, toasting them themselves in the sun or watching the Football. Or maybe all of the above! The glorious weather really does take the edge off the mess that is foreign […]

Market rates flat with complex mortgage landscape

I am back from a lovely week off, refreshed, tanned and even with a proper haircut (the longer hair thing just wasn’t working for me…) I rolled the dice and booked a holiday by the seaside for half term with the international travel situation being such a mess at the moment. Thankfully the weather was […]

3 C’s of mortgage lending | Lesson 3 Collateral

Following on from my last blog, Commitment, on the 3 C’s of mortgage lending this last instalment focuses on mortgage lending Collateral. I learned my mortgage principles ‘old school’ as my very first full time job out of college was at Cheltenham & Gloucester in Holborn in1999. This is relevant as mortgage applications back then were […]

Zombie mortgage deals, the issue won’t die

In our line of work, as with most people’s work I suspect, having issues come up on your cases/workload are normal, currently we keep dealing with ‘zombie mortgage deals’. Any client-based work is the same regardless of the sector you work in. Everything ticks along nicely until, bang, you get an email that harpoons weeks […]

The core principles of lending

So, we are here, the insides of pubs opening, having a meal out within a permanent structure and even being able to hug one another. Is this going to be a summer of love, the likes of which we haven’t seen since 1967? I certainly hope so. As ever, a lot going on in the […]

3 C’s of mortgage lending | Lesson 1 Capacity

My very first full time job out of college, was at Cheltenham & Gloucester, in 1999, based on the cross road on High Holborn, WC1 (now the TSB branch on the same spot, as C&G was swallowed up by LloydsTSB, and then LloydsTSB split up to Lloyds and TSB years later). This is relevant as […]

Mortgage Lenders Feeling The Strain?

If you feel that reading this Mortgage Lenders Feeling the Strain update is far too much effort, please do feel free to scroll down to the end of this blog where you can watch the content of this blog in video format instead. In fact we have put all our recent updates on our new […]

Mortgages for Limited Company Directors

When you come to get a mortgage and you are a company director, you may not realise that different rules apply to mortgages for Limited Company Directors. So here, we outline what the challenges are, what up/down sides, and what to look out for in a lender. Also, and just for clarity, this is if […]

Sub 1% mortgage rates for remortgages

A big week in the mortgage world with lenders really starting to sharpen their pencils with sub 1% mortgage rates, more on that below. It must have been an insane week if you are a hairdresser or beautician! Many people must have been out enjoying the pubs re-opening as on Wednesday when I was in […]