Tensions in the housing market

Much like the wider tension we are seeing in society more generally, there are some specific tensions in the housing market. These centre around some long-standing themes that have come sharply into focus in the last week or so. I’m slowly recovering from a rare Saturday night out – out, watching Pete Tong & The […]

London Rental Market Rebounds

As frightening as this is, we enter September this week! and I’m talking about the London rental market and house purchase completion times. The pandemic has completely shot my sense of time to pieces, but what I am hoping is that we can start to get back to ‘normality’ from this September onwards. My eldest […]

Mortgage applications approved or not?

I would like to make some pithy comments on The Line of Duty, or whatever farcical events there have been on social media, or the complete implosion around Man Utd, but in all honestly, I have been so busy I am struggling to know what is going on in the ‘real world’ (including whether mortgage […]

Bounce back in the property world

If your weekend was anything like mine, you had the very strange experience of sunbathing on Easter Sunday, only to see snow on Monday! God bless the British weather… Today’s Government press briefing didn’t tell us much we didn’t know. It is great the vaccine roll out is going so well and the staged re-opening […]

95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

In the budget last week, the most interesting thing to come out of it from a mortgage perspective was the “95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme” which is set to launch in April. The aim is to help people buy a property if you have a 5% deposit, but it will also benefit everyone who has between […]

Budget 2021 response and mortgage impact

Chancellor Rishi Sunak, put in a very vote friendly Budget 2021 this week. Extending many Government grants, support and lifelines, while being a very property focused. His balanced tone and measured responses, are very refreshing in the face of a generally chaotic political scene in recent years. As ever, we look specifically at what will […]

Lots going on in the mortgage world this week

Lots going on in the mortgage world this week so lets get straight into it. It was positively Spring like over the weekend which was a very welcome change. Hopefully that turn in the weather will be a good sign that BoJo has some good news for us later today? We can hope… 🤞 House […]

2020 in numbers | the mortgage world

To say that 2020 has been a bad year for the UK would be an understatement. In fact I just heard that the Ethiopians are putting together a Band Aid single for us… That said, doing what we do for a living, it is always about the numbers, so we look back at some key stats from […]