How Banks are disappearing from the High Street

Before I get onto the topic of how banks are disappearing, this week marks Rose Capital’s 7th Birthday. Like all celebrations at present that will be a more muted affair than would normally be the case (such as my 40th that came and went in November), but hopefully we can make up for that in […]

The Psychology of Money | Winston’s Words of Wisdom

Well, here we go again, house bound for the foreseeable. If I am honest, I quite like it. It’s nice having everyone at home and our morning run is now never missed out whatever the weather! So it’s not so bad as it may first seem. That leads me nicely to a book I have been […]

Unshakeable | Winston’s Words of Wisdom

Another week flies by and another week of quite chaotic news and economic activity. It’s hard to know which way to turn sometimes, but being a dog, I simplify things. The highlight of my day is often chasing Squirrels out of the garden, or playing with other dogs round in park. But when I am […]

Rich Dad Poor Dad | Winston’s Words of Wisdom

I overheard Richard watching some YouTube videos of Robert Kiyosaki the other night, and I must admit, I like his style! So much so that I looked up his seminal book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. I won’t spoil the read for you, but it is a really interesting look at your values around money, work, […]

The Role of Wills with Mortgages, and why we provide Free Will

Why do we provide our clients with a free Will? At a time when we are experiencing a global pandemic, it could be perceived as crass or insensitive to talk about the role of Wills when arranging a mortgage. That is absolutely not our intention and due respect will be paid to the subject matter. […]

Getting to the root cause of client mental health | Cover Magazine

Richard Campo reflects on the real connections between client finances and their mental health in his article published in Cover Magazine. Being a financial adviser, but more specially, a career mortgage broker, you really do get a unique window into people’s worlds. There is a very famous quote from Peter Drucker, the management guru that […]

Budget reaction | A temporary disturbance

In the Chancellor’s first budget, Rishi Sunak was at pains to make clear it is a ‘temporary disturbance’ that we are experiencing due to the knock on impacts of COVID-19. And he was indeed very keen to ‘get it done’ on manifesto promises. He was in close contact with the Bank of England leading up […]

Preparing Your Property Offer (and market data)

Market Update – We are fortunate enough to work with some of the top agents in London (and let’s face it, Agency is a mixed bag! Hence why we only work with the good guys) so we get a lot of market data and anecdotal info on how the market is going. I sat in on […]