COVID-19 and your mortgage | Q1 over

COVID-19 and your mortgage, what happens now? For many, it may have passed your notice that the first quarter of the year ended last week. The first quarter of the new decade has certainly been eventful… Thoughts on COVID-19 and your mortgage The start of the year had all the hallmarks of really strong year […]

What Impacts will COVID-19 have on Insurance?

As mortgages look set to get cheaper, it appears it could be the opposite in the protection market, as the more people claim, and the more money insurers pay out, the higher premiums will become. So what Impacts will COVID-19 have on Insurance? We have looked into what the providers are currently doing, and what […]

Mortgage Holidays – What you need to know

Here we look at Mortgage Holidays – what you need to know. As you can imagine, since the Government and Bank of England announced a series of measures to support the economy during this difficult period dealing with COVID-19, the one that has kept us very busy has been – how does a mortgage payment […]