London Rental Market Rebounds

As frightening as this is, we enter September this week! and I’m talking about the London rental market and house purchase completion times. The pandemic has completely shot my sense of time to pieces, but what I am hoping is that we can start to get back to ‘normality’ from this September onwards. My eldest […]

Mortgage applications approved or not?

I would like to make some pithy comments on The Line of Duty, or whatever farcical events there have been on social media, or the complete implosion around Man Utd, but in all honestly, I have been so busy I am struggling to know what is going on in the ‘real world’ (including whether mortgage […]

Limited Company Buy to Let mortgage

With the tax treatment of rental properties set to be punitive for the foreseeable future, more and more clients are turning to buying (or converting) investment properties via a Limited Company – a Limited Company Buy to Let. This has a number of pro’s and con’s which we will outline below, but off the bat, […]

Mortgage market remains buoyant

It was lovely to get some snow over the weekend to break up the monotony of lockdown! Not often in the South East does your daily exercise compose of running up and down a snowy hill for sledge runs. I even let the kids have go too… Funnily enough, the mortgage market continues to run […]

2020 in numbers | the mortgage world

To say that 2020 has been a bad year for the UK would be an understatement. In fact I just heard that the Ethiopians are putting together a Band Aid single for us… That said, doing what we do for a living, it is always about the numbers, so we look back at some key stats from […]

Online mortgage sessions to update you on your mortgage options

Mortgage Market back with a bang! So we are offering free online mortgage sessions this week to update you on your options. Read on for details of our upcoming free online mortgage sessions on Friday 22 May. Last week was a very good week overall for the mortgage world. While we have carried on surprisingly […]

Mortgage Market Update

Market Update – We are starting to see some very positive moves by lenders in the last few weeks. Sainsburys have just launched with us (we are just checking if you get a million Nectar points per mortgage!) & NatWest have made a very positive change in their Buy To Let criteria, so if you […]