Limited Company Buy to Let mortgage

With the tax treatment of rental properties set to be punitive for the foreseeable future, more and more clients are turning to buying (or converting) investment properties via a Limited Company – a Limited Company Buy to Let. This has a number of pro’s and con’s which we will outline below, but off the bat, […]

Mortgage market remains buoyant

It was lovely to get some snow over the weekend to break up the monotony of lockdown! Not often in the South East does your daily exercise compose of running up and down a snowy hill for sledge runs. I even let the kids have go too… Funnily enough, the mortgage market continues to run […]

Mortgage Market Update

Market Update – The budget looms large later today, but will it be full of tricks or treats? With Theresa May suggesting an end to Austerity it has made it a lot more interesting than I had expected. If I was a cynical man, I would say that the Tories had made many unpopular cuts […]

European Mortgage Credit Directive

The upcoming MCD (for short), which comes into effect from the 21st March could have a significant impact. As the name would suggest, this is a European wide change so that all EU members disclose mortgage agreements in the same format. Aside from many regulatory changes, there is a new category of Buy To Let which […]

Increase in Stamp Duty

This has been quite well documented, but as of 1st April this year, the Government are introducing a 3% increase to Stamp Duty on house purchases where this is not your main residence. So this will impact any purchase of a rental property, second homes, pied-a-terre’s etc. You will need to have completed the purchase […]