Flattening economic data and the mortgage market

Before I discuss the flattening economic data… I have mainly been lying in a dark room today, recovering from what is akin to PTSD after my daughter’s birthday parties yesterday… After the last few years, we thought it would be a great idea to throw a joint party for my daughters who are turning 5 […]

(G)rate expectations | Change in interest rate outlook?

This is as sexy as mortgages get! Could there be a change in the interest rate? If you can get past the rather poor play of words in the title, there was a large shift in the market last week around expectations of where the Bank of England may move interest rates to. That naturally […]

Why use a mortgage broker?

I’m often asked why use a mortgage broker when I can go online or talk to my bank? In this week’s blog, I explain why a good mortgage adviser is more than simply finding the best mortgage for you. It was very nice having a few days of late summer last week. Even more so, […]

Mortgages with smaller deposits, mortgage rates and larger loans

This week I discuss mortgages with smaller deposits, mortgage rates hitting new lows, and larger loans available from mainstream lenders. For most of us with children, this is the first full week back with a semblance of normality! For those without children, a great chance to get away without being surrounded by kids and not […]

Broker only mortgage deals

Before I talk about broker-only mortgage deals, some news on our fundraising. While many of you were tucked up snuggly in bed this morning, 4 of us ran the Vitality Half Marathon across London. Very well done for Nick Plappert getting the fastest time of 1:43. I managed a personal PB of 1:51 and Paul […]

Mortgage Lenders Loosen Purse Strings

BoE Holds Interest Rates Last week, the MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) of the Bank of England met and decided unanimously to hold rates at the historic low of 0.1%. There was no surprise in that decision as they have been very clear on the direction of travel – that despite inflation being above the 2% […]

Deadline day for UK Property market

The bi-annual football transfer windows always make for interesting viewing, especially the ‘Deadline day’ action. For once in the mortgage broker world, we have had something equally exciting in the UK Property market. With the Chancellor announcing the extension of the Stamp Duty holiday in March to the end of June, that created our very […]

Can you remortgage to make home improvements?

We are often asked by clients if is it possible to remortgage to make home improvements. The simple answer is yes, it’s possible and quite common, but the complex answer is that there are a range of things to consider when you are thinking of a remortgage to make home improvements. Do you have sufficient […]

Now is a time you need a good mortgage broker on your side

I can imagine that most people put aside their search for a good mortgage broker and spent the weekend dashing to the coast, having BBQ’s, toasting them themselves in the sun or watching the Football. Or maybe all of the above! The glorious weather really does take the edge off the mess that is foreign […]

3 C’s of mortgage lending | Lesson 3 Collateral

Following on from my last blog, Commitment, on the 3 C’s of mortgage lending this last instalment focuses on mortgage lending Collateral. I learned my mortgage principles ‘old school’ as my very first full time job out of college was at Cheltenham & Gloucester in Holborn in1999. This is relevant as mortgage applications back then were […]