Why use a mortgage broker?

I’m often asked why use a mortgage broker when I can go online or talk to my bank? In this week’s blog, I explain why a good mortgage adviser is more than simply finding the best mortgage for you. It was very nice having a few days of late summer last week. Even more so, […]

Now is a time you need a good mortgage broker on your side

I can imagine that most people put aside their search for a good mortgage broker and spent the weekend dashing to the coast, having BBQ’s, toasting them themselves in the sun or watching the Football. Or maybe all of the above! The glorious weather really does take the edge off the mess that is foreign […]

The importance of protecting your income with a mortgage

Why is protecting your income so important? It’s really very simple, no income, no mortgage.   So it is no surprise that once the mortgage is attained, any financial advisor with any competence will then turn to protecting your hard earned income. This is where this area is filled with cheesy metaphors but they are […]

Limited Company Buy to Let mortgage

With the tax treatment of rental properties set to be punitive for the foreseeable future, more and more clients are turning to buying (or converting) investment properties via a Limited Company – a Limited Company Buy to Let. This has a number of pro’s and con’s which we will outline below, but off the bat, […]

Why should I pay to arrange a mortgage?

It’s a very logical question to ask – why should I pay to arrange a mortgage? – when there are so many readily available resources these days. You have the Meerkats comparing most things, as do many websites and newspapers, you have brokers that work for free, or you can of course do the leg […]

Modern Wisdom | Winston’s Words of Wisdom

The world is certainly looking up! We are allowed to have a Christmas, lockdown as eased up and the UK will be the first country in the world to get a vaccine for COVID! And they say a week is a long time in politics… We aren’t quite out of the woods yet, but the […]

Can’t Hurt Me | Winston’s Words of Wisdom

Another week rolls on and the end of lockdown is in sight… thankfully, and for now… Certainly not an easy time and it can feel that things are getting on top of you. I don’t know about you, but after 3 weeks or so or seeing the same faces, ever day, day in, day out, […]

What characterises a Trusted Advisor?

The words ‘trusted advisor’ are often banded around on business courses or seminars, but what does it really mean? This is a topic our Managing Director, Richard Campo feels very passionate about, and so wanted to share some of his thoughts. Richard Says: I’ve been working financial services my whole career, specifically focusing on mortgages. […]

The Art of Happiness | Winston’s Words of Wisdom

I’m sensing a lot of positivity around of the first time in a long time! Maybe it’s the vaccines that are close to being delivered for Covid. Maybe it’s the onslaught of Christmas ads, or just maybe, it’s because I had a sausage for breakfast? Its often the simple things that keep you happy. The […]

How much mortgage deposit do you need?

Probably the hottest topic in the mortgage world right now is the impact the level of mortgage deposit you have, has on the availability, and cost of, loans you will be offered. This is an area where a mortgage broker can be invaluable, as mortgage brokers often have access to lenders and products that are […]