Mortgage Marketplace Update – Base Rate Reaction with Nick Plappert

Base Rate Reaction with Nick Plappert

Following the Bank of England’s rate rise in May, Nick Plappert, Director at Rose Capital Partners joins Richard Campo to talk over the main issues in this area, such as:

– Following the Bank of England taking rates from 0.75% to 1%, how high do you think rates will go? And over what timeframe?

– Have we seen lenders change many products off the back of this?

– Is it just the BoE pushing up mortgage rates or are there other factors at play?

– Has this affected lender criteria in any way or is there still appetite to lend?

– There is a lot of talk of recession now, even if that happens, do you think that will directly impact house prices or mortgage lending?

So for that and a lot more, we hope you enjoy the update