As a mortgage broker, Rose Capital Partners strives to do right by our clients. Our overruling ethos, is to be there for you until you are in a position where you are mortgage free. For me, that’s one of the main reasons I’m proud to work at RCP, but there is always an underlying thought that, yes, we are helping people, but it does also mean we get paid each month, it’s not a truly unselfish deed. Towards the start of the year, I expressed this to Richard (our Managing Director) who agreed that if we can do more, then we absolutely should. And from there, our Social Responsibility project to support Hand in Hand International came to be.

Why Hand in Hand International (HiHi)?

Okay great, so we are all in agreement that as a successful mortgage broker business we can do more; but the next big question is ‘who do we want to predominantly support?’.

There are so many charities to pick from, and we want to make sure that we are supporting one that shares the same values as us, and someone that we know will spend any money raised wisely and put it to best use.

After extensive research, I stumbled upon Hand In Hand International (HiHi) who’s network has grown to fight poverty in ten countries and counting, buoyed by the success of 2.9 million members as of December 2019, almost all of them women.  They are a women’s economic empowerment organisation whose efforts are guided by two main aims;

Women have money from business as well as influence at home, and families have the financial strength to weather an unexpected shock like a bad harvest or unexpected medical bill.

Things that might seem quite minor to us, but could have a detrimental impact to the families overseas.

Already this sits well with us as a mortgage broker as it is enabling people to have their own finances and give them financial independence which is so crucial.

The next hurdle is to make sure that the money is being spent wisely and in a way that is sustainable and will continue to thrive even once the project has completed in its respective country. There’s a brilliant charity comparison site called Charity Clarity that assesses and ranks their efficiency, and HiHi passes with flying colours.

Armed with this knowledge, we made contact with HiHi, and specifically the Head of Philanthropy, Joe Dyson, who kindly gave us a really detailed overview of the charity background and the plans coming up. Straight away we knew it’s something we want to be a part of.

Our fundraising

We are really excited to begin this journey with HiHi, and hope that our clients will be excited to keep updated with us, and maybe even join in supporting HiHi.

A few of our team will be running the Vitality Half Marathon on 22 August and will be hoping to raise some money.

But that’s just the start, we really do want to run with this and make as much of a difference as we possibly can!

If you would like more information about supporting Rose Capital’s social responsibility project with Hand in Hand International please contact Bethany Smith.


Image by kone kassoum from Pixabay

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