Can you remortgage to make home improvements?

We are often asked by clients if is it possible to remortgage to make home improvements. The simple answer is yes, it’s possible and quite common, but the complex answer is that there are a range of things to consider when you are thinking of a remortgage to make home improvements. Do you have sufficient […]

Remortgage | how much is my house worth?

When you’re looking to remortgage, here’s why its important to ask how much is my house worth? There are two fundamental things that influence the rate you are offered on a remortgage these days: Your income The value of your property Risk based approach to lending Lenders will always take a risk based approach to […]

Market recovery continues

Last week we saw the most positive updates from lenders since lock-down as the market recovery continues. Many lenders returning to the market with increased offerings around how they can conduct surveys, raising their LTV restrictions (meaning it is now easier to get a mortgage if you have a smaller deposit), increasing the amount of […]

What does it mean by remortgaging?

Remortgaging is simply the process of switching from one mortgage lender to another. Typically this is done just before your current deal expires. More and more lenders are trying harder to keep their customers so your existing provider will often offer you a new deal, this is called a ‘Product Transfer’. Just one note of […]

When to remortgage

Richard Campo, founder and managing director of mortgage and protection advisors Rose Capital Partners, shares his advice on when to remortgage with Marsh and Parsons. What to consider when remortgaging If you find yourself coming around to remortgage time, or are considering the impacts of borrowing more, or maybe considering moving in the near future […]

The cost of free legal work

When you are looking at arranging your next remortgage, it is often a given that you will use the lenders ‘Free Legal’ service. As long as you kick off the process in good time, that will be the best option for the vast majority of mortgage holders. However, as with anything ‘free’ it is never […]

Debt consolidation remortgage | should I remortgage to pay off my debts?

Debt consolidation remortgage: to consolidate, or not to consolidate, that is the question Should I consider a debt consolidation remortgage? With Christmas right around the corner, it seems extremely timely to broach this question. When you need to remortgage, should you consolidate your debts onto your mortgage? In order to answer this question, we need […]

Remortgage for home improvements | what to consider

What to consider when you are thinking of a remortgage for your home improvements. The most common reason for raising cash from your remortgage is to spend the money on home improvements. Subject to there being enough equity in your home, and the loan being affordable, every lender is happy for you to remortgage for […]

When, how and if to remortgage?

It was interesting to see that UK Finance released figures on 26th November stating that Remortgage loan approvals were up nearly 13% in October this year, compared to October 2018. That is also a step up from last month’s figures (September year on year was 10.6% up). That is a whopping 37,769 new loans approved […]

Market Update

Market Update – Once again, the sweet science served up monster helping of drama at the weekend! (that is the Wilder vs Fury fight in case you were wondering). But what really grabbed me was the post-fight Interview with Tyson Fury which you can see here. Rarely do you see such humility and clarity of […]