100% Mortgage Lending Back!

Before I get onto 100% mortgage lending I just want to give my take on the Pandora Papers. For anyone familiar with the Greek Myth of Pandora’s Box, it is actually a way more complex tale than simply regretting finding out what is in forbidden places. Look up Stephen’s Fry’s excellent book (which is amazingly […]

How do online mortgage valuations work?

As we are into lockdown #54, it is timely to look at the role of the valuation, in particular online mortgage valuations, when looking to obtain the best mortgage rate possible. In a normal situation, you have a mortgage valuer happily going about their business, going from property to property and reporting back to a […]

What a start to 2021 from a mortgage perspective

As if you thought the world couldn’t get any stranger (from a mortgage perspective or otherwise), I understand that the chemically fuelled, Maraca shaking, Bez of Happy Monday’s fame is to start a ‘Joe Wicks’ style fitness class during lockdown… If anything summed up the state of play right now, that’s it is right there… While many of […]

How to get a mortgage in Lockdown

With England going into lockdown until at least the 15th February, we wanted to update you on how we can get you a mortgage in Lockdown as the property market still remains open throughout this period. If you are looking to move, or need to refinance, there is no need for you to miss out, […]

Credit conditions easing as decisions reversed

In the last week we have seen a number of large lenders reverse decisions they had made after the onset of Covid back in March with credit conditions easing. The result means it is now easier to get a mortgage than it had been as lenders tightened up during the various lockdowns. This is a […]

Beginning of the end? The effect on mortgages

With a vaccine for Covid seemingly much nearer, is this the beginning of the end to this pandemic and if so, what is the effect on mortgages? Many think we are nearing the end of the pandemic and that has led to a much brighter outlook for 2021 than had been the case for a […]

How much mortgage deposit do you need?

Probably the hottest topic in the mortgage world right now is the impact the level of mortgage deposit you have, has on the availability, and cost of, loans you will be offered. This is an area where a mortgage broker can be invaluable, as mortgage brokers often have access to lenders and products that are […]

House Prices vs Mortgage Lending

No, this isn’t the most dull wrestling match up of all time, but instead a look at the rather complex relationship between house prices and how they affect mortgage lending. With house prices shooting up, surely that is a good thing? As ever in the mortgage world, the answer is yes and no. House prices […]

Arranging a large mortgage of £1m+

When looking at arranging a large mortgage, and for the purpose of this blog, we will define a large loan of £1m+, you start to run up against more complex considerations that simply just arranging a mortgage. At this level, things get more complex – some banks set a ceiling on what they will offer, […]

Key numbers from your mortgage advisor

As a mortgage advisor working in the mortgage world, it is a very stat heavy environment. As a rule, I avoid too much technical talk and stat attacks, but in this instance, it is the easiest way to pick out key themes from last week:   95% – Mortgages This is the big one. Mr […]