Mortgage Lending Innovation

In our mortgage world it has been a very interesting week, with new mortgage lending innovation, doing huge levels of business, and general all-round positivity, so on that note, you may find some of the below of interest. While much of the new schemes mentioned below are aimed at first-time movers/borrowers, they are the lifeblood […]

Mortgage Lending Above Pre-Covid Levels

For anyone who sat in a queue for fuel this week, you probably had time to reflect that this country really isn’t functioning at an optimal level at present, to say the least… Luckily for me, I am one of those smug electric car drivers, but it has been quite surreal seeing huge lines outside […]

How Banks are disappearing from the High Street

Before I get onto the topic of how banks are disappearing, this week marks Rose Capital’s 7th Birthday. Like all celebrations at present that will be a more muted affair than would normally be the case (such as my 40th that came and went in November), but hopefully we can make up for that in […]