G-Rate expectations – Rising inflation, interest rates, mortgage pricing

No time to read? Listen to the podcast or Watch the video This week we look at how rising inflation is changing rate expectations of where interest rates may go this year, and what knock-on impact that will have on mortgage pricing. Inflation in the UK hit 5.4% at the highest level since 1992 which […]

The upsides of inflation with rising GDP and mortgage rates

No time to read? Listen to the podcast or Watch the video This week we’re going to talk through a little bit about the upsides of inflation, and why inflation decreases costs in real terms, one of my favourite economics terms. Before we get into that, if you’ve seen the news cycle so far into […]

Discounted mortgage rates be cautious

No time to read? Listen to the podcast or watch the video Before I discuss discounted mortgage rates, LIBOR and SONIA, a bit about resolutions… For many of us, it’s been the first week back in the office after the new year. That rare time of year when you can actually see the bottom of […]

Bank of England Raises Interest Rates to 0.25%

Despite conflicting data, the Bank of England raises interest rates to 0.25% deciding to raise its benchmark interest rate from 0.1% to 0.25% With inflation hitting 5.1% yesterday, Unemployment falling, and a booming housing market where growth is running at 10% annually (according to Nationwide Building Society) there is certainly a lot of heat in […]

Rise in interest rates expected

I have been quite flattered of late as I have been approached by several journalists and news outlets for commentary around the expected rise in interest rates. I have selected a few of the more interesting snippets below: This recent article in Bloomberg picked up a theme we have been talking about for some time, in that […]

Damp Squib Game as No BoE Rate Rise

What an anti-climax! It seems everyone was braced for a rate rise last Thursday except for the Bank of England… The very obvious reference to Netflix’s huge hit Squid Game in the subject is certainly a factor in the decision, as the very high level of debt in the UK on both personal and public […]

Bank of England Interest Rate Rise Effect on Mortgages

As widely anticipated, the Bank of England has raised its benchmark interest rate from 0.1% to 0.25%. As it has been a good while since we have been in an environment where we expect interest rates to rise steadily over the next few years, here are a few things to look out for from a […]

(G)rate expectations | Change in interest rate outlook?

This is as sexy as mortgages get! Could there be a change in the interest rate? If you can get past the rather poor play of words in the title, there was a large shift in the market last week around expectations of where the Bank of England may move interest rates to. That naturally […]

Lowest ever mortgage rate

More news this week on the lowest ever mortgage rate… I am back and truly refreshed after a week away in Jersey. We were very lucky with the weather and got out to explore a lot of what is such a beautiful Island. It’s not the Med, but to have such a beautiful place on […]

Mortgage rates continue to fall

It seems that every time I say ‘mortgage rates can’t get much lower’, mortgage rates continue to fall. It was another bumper weekend of sport to keep us all entertained. Probably a good thing as half the UK seems to be isolating at present during this ‘Pingdemic’ stage of the pandemic… A truly pulsating Lions […]