5% mortgage deposit deals are back

Lenders re-introduce mortgages for home movers, who only need to put in a 5% mortgage deposit. Tuesday marks one year since the first official lockdown and roughly about the same time since I last had a decent haircut. In fact my hair is so long at present I tied it in a ‘top knot’ (as […]

First time buyer mortgage advice post Help to Buy

With the Help To Buy scheme coming to an end on 31st March 2021 and with house prices very firmly on the rise again, the age old debate of getting First Time Buyers onto the housing ladder will start to rear its head again with a plethora of first time buyer mortgage advice. So we […]

What first time buyer mortgage protection do I need?

Do you really need first time buyer mortgage protection? As the saying goes – with great power, comes great responsibility. So very much the statement should be – with great debt, comes great responsibility. It is highly likely that a mortgage will be the largest debt you ever take out. So, while all your focus […]

Buying your first home: the process

Often the most daunting thing about buying your first home is simply not knowing how the process works. Its highly likely you are an expert in your field, so the prospect of parting with tens of thousands of pounds (or sometimes millions) without fully understanding everything can be irritating at best. Therefore, we have broken […]

What are First Time Buyer Costs?

Don’t let First Time buyer costs take you by surprise. The good news for First Time Buyers is that they get more assistance with fees and associated costs that any other type of buyer. Below is just an overview of the key things to consider. As ever we would strongly recommend getting independent financial advice […]

How much deposit do I need as a First-time buyer?

One of the most commonly asked questions when looking to buy for the first time is. How much deposit do I need? The longer answer is that it is dependant on your circumstances. Purchase price, income and property type. The short answer is – about 5%. The 5% deposit As a rule, the majority of […]

Who qualifies as a First-Time buyer?

It is quite ironic that for all the time and energy focused on First Time buyers in the press and from lenders, being a ‘First Time Buyer’ is really of very little significance from a lending point if view! Let’s have a look at who qualifies as a First-Time Buyer? Do you pass the ‘stress […]

Market Update – 24.06.2019

Taking time with our clients   We have been on a drive of late to meet more of our clients in person, instead of just dealing over the phone or email. This is something I feel very passionately about and the below story explains why: Jerome took the time to meet up with a prospective client […]

Rose Capital In The Media

We have had some recent press coverage, so we thought you may find interesting: Daily Mail Online This Is Money What Mortgage? (Also lead story on the homepage)

Preparing Your Property Offer (and market data)

Market Update – We are fortunate enough to work with some of the top agents in London (and let’s face it, Agency is a mixed bag! Hence why we only work with the good guys) so we get a lot of market data and anecdotal info on how the market is going. I sat in on […]