Limited Company Buy to Let mortgage

With the tax treatment of rental properties set to be punitive for the foreseeable future, more and more clients are turning to buying (or converting) investment properties via a Limited Company – a Limited Company Buy to Let. This has a number of pro’s and con’s which we will outline below, but off the bat, […]

How Buy To Let works and what you need to know

The ‘Buy To Let’ (or BTL) market is extremely wide, varied and complex. So in the interests of making this blog readable, I have focused as tightly as a I can on the salient points and principles. So you can get a good overview of how buy to let works. What is Buy to Let […]

Mortgage Market Update

Market Update – We are starting to see some very positive moves by lenders in the last few weeks. Sainsburys have just launched with us (we are just checking if you get a million Nectar points per mortgage!) & NatWest have made a very positive change in their Buy To Let criteria, so if you […]