95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

In the budget last week, the most interesting thing to come out of it from a mortgage perspective was the “95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme” which is set to launch in April. The aim is to help people buy a property if you have a 5% deposit, but it will also benefit everyone who has between […]

Budget 2021 response and mortgage impact

Chancellor Rishi Sunak, put in a very vote friendly Budget 2021 this week. Extending many Government grants, support and lifelines, while being a very property focused. His balanced tone and measured responses, are very refreshing in the face of a generally chaotic political scene in recent years. As ever, we look specifically at what will […]

Budget 2021 predictions for the mortgage market

As we are now just a week away to schools starting again, and a mere 112 days until the pubs fully reopen (not that I am counting…), there is very clear light at the end of the tunnel now, and so here we offer some Budget 2021 predictions. We have what could be a pivotal […]

Budget reaction | A temporary disturbance

In the Chancellor’s first budget, Rishi Sunak was at pains to make clear it is a ‘temporary disturbance’ that we are experiencing due to the knock on impacts of COVID-19. And he was indeed very keen to ‘get it done’ on manifesto promises. He was in close contact with the Bank of England leading up […]

Mortgage Market Update

Market Update – The budget looms large later today, but will it be full of tricks or treats? With Theresa May suggesting an end to Austerity it has made it a lot more interesting than I had expected. If I was a cynical man, I would say that the Tories had made many unpopular cuts […]