How Do Mortgage Rates Work? (not as boring as you think)

If you have ever wondered how mortgage funding works, or more importantly, understand how you can take advantage of it, please read on   How Mortgage Rates Work   It would appear that Brexit is now the DFS sale of politics, and will simply go on, and on, and on… forever… So as we adjust […]

Market Update

Market Update – Once again, the sweet science served up monster helping of drama at the weekend! (that is the Wilder vs Fury fight in case you were wondering). But what really grabbed me was the post-fight Interview with Tyson Fury which you can see here. Rarely do you see such humility and clarity of […]

Mortgage Market Update

Market Update – You would have been living under a rock if you haven’t been caught up a debate that starts with the letter B this week. I have remained relatively tight lipped on the subject to date, mainly as I am not a political commentator or indeed, even a financial market analyst. However, it […]