Personal first-time buyer mortgage advice provided as employee benefit through corporate partnership.

£495 mortgage broker fee reduction as part of employee benefit.

First-time buyer clients on the property ladder with £575,000 mortgage agreed.

Our client

Our clients were a first-time buyer couple who didn’t want to waste any more of their hard-earned money on rent, so were looking to buy their first home.

One of the clients worked in the HR department of one of Rose Capital’s corporate partners and was familiar with the free mortgage service benefit provided to employees via their association with Rose Capital Partners.

What was needed?

The couple wanted to buy a house in East London and had a healthy deposit of £100,000 from their savings. The purchase price of the property they wanted to buy was £675,000 so they were seeking an affordable mortgage of £575,000.

What was the challenge?

The clients wanted to secure their first home with the best mortgage deal available to them, with the minimum of hassle, making savings wherever possible.

How we provided the solution

Mike Brooker, Associate Director, took on the couple’s case and ascertained what their mortgage goals were.

Rose Capital Partners provides a dedicated mortgage support service to employers as a free employee benefit. This not only saves employees time, money and hassle when arranging their mortgage or remortgage, but also provides financial wellbeing education in the workplace. This is delivered through free regular seminars, workshops, Masterclasses, and advice on managing down a mortgage to ultimately be mortgage-free.

As a result of Mike’s expertise, he was able to secure the first-time buyer mortgage the couple needed in order to take the first step on the property ladder, buy their first home and cease paying rent.

The clients were delighted with Mike’s personal advice through the first-time buyer process, and the £495 mortgage broker fee saving they were entitled to through the corporate partnership employee benefit.

What was the rate

 The interest rate was 2.46% fixed for 2 years.