Bespoke arrangement for high value mortgage with High Street lender.

1.74% 5-year fixed with low arrangement fee.

Interest only 70% loan to value.

Our clients

Our clients were a married couple with a family. They were looking to buy a high value property in London where they were based for work. One was a Senior Executive of a US multi-national company, the other a senior professional.

What was needed

Prior to looking for a home to buy in London our clients had lived in rented properties. They were first time buyers. They were looking to borrow the maximum possible to purchase a home valued at £8.25m, at the lowest interest rate possible.

What was the challenge

Our clients were high net worth individuals who did not want to consider borrowing from a private bank. The rates and fees would have been higher than a high street lender. And the client didn’t want to start a new relationship with a different private bank as this would disrupt their existing arrangements.

The other challenges for Rose Capital in securing a mortgage for our clients were that in general, High Street lenders do not usually lend at this level. In addition, the client had complex remuneration arrangements with income in shares and foreign currency (US dollars).

How we provided the solution

Nick Plappert utilised his knowledge of the whole market and relationships with UK lenders to explore and negotiate bespoke pricing with a high street lender on behalf of our clients.

Nick secured a 70% interest-only mortgage at a rate of 1.74% fixed for 5 years with a low arrangement fee. Access to the team that agreed the lending and priced the product are not available direct to the public, and nor do all brokers get access as well. As Rose Capital are one of the largest London Mortgage Brokers, he was able to not only place the case, but get preferential terms.

Our clients were delighted with the low interest rate and fees. They very happy with the speed with which Nick and his team were able to turnaround their application. Nick arranged a high value mortgage with High Street lender.