Mortgage Market Update – August 2023 Review

Founder of Rose Capital Partners As a rather damp summer draws to a close and (thank the lord) schools are back in shortly, we can once again focus on the hamster wheel of work, school runs and having a mad scramble to hit your goals for the year! That is all before the dreaded C […]

Mortgage Market Update – July 2023 Review

Founder of Rose Capital Partners With the mortgage market being as exciting as Bazball, we have a lot to get our teeth into this month. Although without the bats, pads, crowds & questionable ethics of Australian wicket keeping, but you get the idea… Have we reached peak inflation and therefore mortgage rates? We are in […]

Mortgage Market Update – June 2023 Review

Richard Campo,  Founder of Rose Capital Partners Last week took us to the end of the first half, of what has already been, a rollercoaster of a year… When Mortgages are top of the news cycle that never signals good news. It is undeniable that the speed of rate changes has been hard to deal […]

Mortgage Market Update – May 2023 Review

Founder of Rose Capital Partners Summer seems to be finally here, but it has bought with it not just red faces for us sun loving Brits, but also quite a few red faces within The Bank of England. I’m not a fan of criticising anyone as a rule. As a wise man once said – […]

Mortgage Market Update – April 2023 Review

Founder of Rose Capital Partners As another month whistles past and we head into a month of Bank Holidays, rain and Royal pageantry, it all feels extremely British! Much as King Charles III will usher in a new era for the Royal family, we could now be in the ‘new normal’ of the mortgage market. […]

Mortgage Market Update – March 2023 Review

Richard Campo, Founder of Rose Capital Partners As the first quarter of this year has quite literally flown by, I find myself reflecting of the events following the now infamous ‘Mini-Budget’ and wonder – what a gigantic waste of time and effort! Even if you put aside the huge damage it caused, which is hard […]

Mortgage Market Update – February 2023 Review

Founder of Rose Capital Partners Yet another month flies by. Time seems to go past ever faster these days (perhaps showing my age, or that the general pace of life speeds with the ever-increasing amount of tech in our lives, who knows…), and equally as time flies by, so do the changes in the mortgage market. I […]

Mortgage Market Update – January 2023 Review

Founder of Rose Capital Partners January seemed to go frighteningly quickly… and if the early economic indicators are anything to go by, the quicker 2023 is over, the better! However, for the property and mortgage market for 2023 I think it will a tale of recovery. As mentioned last month, I truly believe that now […]

Stand out from the crowd in busier-than-expected housing market

Founder of Rose Capital Partners It was certainly expected by many that 2023 would be something of a slower year than we have been used to of late. The tail end of 2022 sent shockwaves through the market, with the interest rates on mortgages rapidly increasing to levels we haven’t seen in a decade or […]

Why now may be the right time to invest in buy to let

Founder of Rose Capital Partners While we are now into a new year, there’s no question that the mortgage market is continuing to feel the effects of 2022, and very specifically the final quarter. The market underwent a major shock following the mini-Budget from the then-Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. While there were a host of likely […]