Mortgage Market Update – October 2023 Review

Founder of Rose Capital Partners While trying to resist all the Halloween puns I can, it was fair to say that October was a scary month if you were looking for positive economic data! That was acutely felt in the mortgage/property world as we have seen extremely low levels of purchase and remortgage activity. That […]

Mortgage Market Update – September 2023 Review

As ever, September proved to be another action-packed month. True to form for a British Summer, as soon as the kids go back to school, the sun comes out… We also had a pleasant surprise with the Base Rate staying at 5.25% when most had expected a rise. Blowing my own trumpet, I was quoted […]

How Holiday Let Can Deliver For Property Investors

One area of the property market which has had a particularly strong couple of years has been holiday lets. It would be easy to suggest that the boom in holiday let was entirely down to the pandemic, and that interest would inevitably fall away once restrictions were removed. While it’s true that the inability to […]

Mortgage Market Update – August

Welcome to our review of the month and a look at the themes that will affect the mortgage and property market going forwards. This month I will leave brevity to one side and to dive straight into a controversial and complex topic – mortgage pricing and what opportunities that may hold – As we feel we […]

The Overlooked Mortgage Which Could Save You Money

Borrowers who are looking for a new mortgage, whether to purchase a property or in order to remortgage from their existing deal, have no shortage of options. A recent study from financial information site Moneyfacts found that there are now more than 4,100 mortgage products available. That’s an astonishing level of choice for a borrower […]

Bonus income mortgage: what are your options?

How can you get a bonus income mortgage with large or variable bonuses? Including being paid in shares? Lenders tend to get wary when bonuses are around or are higher than your basic salary, when assessing your bonus income mortgage. Bonus income mortgage example For example, if your bonus exceeds your basic salary, many lenders […]

Mortgage Marketplace Update – Base Rate Reaction with Nick Plappert

Base Rate Reaction with Nick Plappert Following the Bank of England’s rate rise in May, Nick Plappert, Director at Rose Capital Partners joins Richard Campo to talk over the main issues in this area, such as: – Following the Bank of England taking rates from 0.75% to 1%, how high do you think rates will […]

G-Rate expectations – Rising inflation, interest rates, mortgage pricing

No time to read? Listen to the podcast or Watch the video This week we look at how rising inflation is changing rate expectations of where interest rates may go this year, and what knock-on impact that will have on mortgage pricing. Inflation in the UK hit 5.4% at the highest level since 1992 which […]

The upsides of inflation with rising GDP and mortgage rates

No time to read? Listen to the podcast or Watch the video This week we’re going to talk through a little bit about the upsides of inflation, and why inflation decreases costs in real terms, one of my favourite economics terms. Before we get into that, if you’ve seen the news cycle so far into […]

Discounted mortgage rates be cautious

No time to read? Listen to the podcast or watch the video Before I discuss discounted mortgage rates, LIBOR and SONIA, a bit about resolutions… For many of us, it’s been the first week back in the office after the new year. That rare time of year when you can actually see the bottom of […]